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Use QuickBooks Online to get more customer reviews

Start collecting more positive reviews and getting more customers, with no additional effort.

The Simple Review Management app is an effortless way for businesses to gather more customer reviews.

Just connect Simple RM to your QuickBooks Online account and continue to use QuickBooks the same way you always have. Simple RM will work automatically to get you more reviews.

The benefits of customer reviews

A dial that controls the visibility of stars turned up to the limit.

Be seen

Reviews are good for SEO and good SEO means a higher spot in more customer searches.

Boost SEO
A switch showing positive customer feedback on and negative feedback off.

Build confidence

Customers choose highly reviewed companies because they trust them to do good work.

Earn trust
A magnet attracting stars.

Win more jobs

Getting potential customers to your site and gaining their trust means you get the job more often.

Win jobs

Do you run a business that...

Why manage online reputation?

A good appearance online is critical to a businesses success nowadays. It could be the reason you get a job over a competitor.

Managing your business's online reputation is especially important for small businesses. A small businesses online presence tends to include very little content. For that reason, even a single piece of negative feedback can have a large impact on the overall reputation of the company on the internet.

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