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Referral Program

Our new referral program is incredibly simple to use.

Existing customers can earn free review credits and, better yet, the referred customers will receive a free review credit as well.

How it Works

Log into your existing Simple RM account and go to the referral program page.

There you can retrieve your personal referral link.

Share this link with anyone. Any time someone uses it to create an account you and the new customer will receive a free review credit.

You will be notified of any review credits collected or redeemed in the weekly account status email.

You can also keep track of your referrals on the referral program page.

Free Review Credits

Think of review credits as a coupon for a free generated review.

They are only awarded when the referred customer finishes creating their account.

This includes creating a user account, creating one company and setting up billing for that company.

How to Redeem Review Credits

Review credits are redeemed automatically. The process requires no effort on your part.

Any time you have an unused review credit available and the app generates a review the review credit will be redeemed automatically instead of you being charged.

Where to Find the Referral Program Page