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How to Add a Google Review Link in Quickbooks Invoice
Simple RM Team
January 30, 2023
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Get Review Link
Add Link to Invoice
Issues With Links in Invoices
Review Request Emails
How to Add a Google Review Link in Quickbooks Invoice

Including a Google review link in a QuickBooks invoice is a quick win.

It takes less than five minutes and will get your business more reviews.

However, an invoice is not the most effective place to ask for reviews.

Keep reading after the instructions to find out where is!

  1. Search “Google business listing” on Google.
search bar with google business listing
  1. Find the section that looks like this and click “view profile”.
managed google business listings in search results
  1. In the card that looks like this click “Get more reviews”.
manager version of google business listing
  1. Your review link is in the pop-up that appears. Copy it and save it for later.
google review link pop up
  1. Log in to your QuickBooks Online account.
  1. Click the settings option.
quickbooks online settings menu locaiton
  1. In the menu that appears click on the “Custom form styles” option.
quickbooks online settings menu options
  1. Find the template you are adding the review link to and click edit.
custom form styles page
  1. Click “Content” to move to that tab.
edit invoices main page
  1. Click on the bottom section of the invoice on the right.
edit invoices content tab
  1. In the “Message to customer on” section choose “Invoices and other sales forms” and enter the review link you copied earlier into the text box, along with a few words of your choice.
edit invoices content tab editing section
  1. Click done to save.
edit invoices content tab editing section with message
  1. Back on the Custom form styles page open the menu and click “Preview PDF” to see how the link looks in the template.
quickbooks online template dropdown menu

An invoice is not the best place to ask for reviews because you are already asking the customer for something else (to pay you).

Paying is the more important of the two tasks so they will do that first.

There is a good chance they will not remember to come back and write a review when they are done.

Review Request Emails

The solution is to send an email where the sole focus is posting a review.

QuickBooks Online does not have a setting for this, but there is an app on the QuickBooks Online app store that does.

It is called Simple Review Management.

Simple RM makes it easy to send review request emails that are optimized to get customers to post reviews.

Including a review link in your QuickBooks Invoice is a good first step, but if you are serious about getting every review possible Simple RM a must.

Get every review possible

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