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What is a review request?
Simple RM Team
January 30, 2020
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Why do companies request reviews?
How do companies request reviews?
Now, what do I do?
What is a review request?

In a marketing context, review requests are when a business asks a customer to provide them with a testimonial about their experience with the company.

Why do companies request reviews?

There are multiple reasons why companies want a lot of reviews.

One reason is that it is a widely accepted fact that reviews have a tremendous impact on customer’s decisions when they are considering making a purchase.

Customers are looking for reviews, and they can be scared off if they don’t find any or they find negative ones. Furthermore, a business wants testimonials from their past customers to prove their legitimacy to potential customers.

The reason organizations rely on customer reviews to gain new customer’s trust is because consumers trust reviews more than claims coming straight from a business.

Another reason a lot of online reviews are desirable is that it helps your web pages show in search results.

Your position in search results has a direct impact on the number of visitors your site gets. More often than not, the number of visitors you get to your website has an immediate effect on the success of your business.

How do companies request reviews?

There are two options to deliver review requests to customers can. A representative of the business can ask a customer for a review face to face. Or a company can follow up with a customer and make the request digitally through a text message or email.

Businesses are usually requesting that customers submit their reviews to local business listing sites. Some of the more popular ones are Google My Business, Facebook, or Yelp. However, a business can collect testimonials themselves and post them directly to their website.

Now, what do I do?

Review requests are just one of the many online marketing strategies. However, it remains popular due to the sizable impact it can have on business success and the relatively low effort level required to implement.

There are a lot of articles, videos, tools, and apps online and on this website to help businesses research and execute a successful review request strategy. Best of luck implementing yours!

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