Get to know SRM

The story behind the product.
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Garret Cassels
You probably know us for our outcome-based pricing.
We love that! We are so proud of the fair deal we offer.
However, pricing is not the whole story.
It is why people try SRM. Growth is why they stay.

How We Got Here

The journey of Simple Review Management started in 2013.
Garret Cassels, was running a fence building company in the summers while attending university.
As a young entrepreneur gaining the trust of potential customers was always a struggle.
It was the main issue stunting the growth of the business.
After trailing many tactics, it was clear testimonials were the most effective way to prove the business was legitimate.
That realization allowed the company to reach its full potential.
Fast forward to 2018, Computer Science degree in hand, it was time for Garret to switch from building fences to building apps.
Sticking with what he knew best, an app to help service businesses get reviews was the obvious choice.
Simple Review Management was born.

Why We Got Here

It’s not because we only bill when we get you a review.
Instead, it is the unexpected benefit of that.
Unlike our competitors, we actually need to get our customers reviews for our business to succeed.
There is no money in sending ineffective review requests for us. We need results!
Once we started looking for ways to improve our conversion rate we were shocked to see how much room there was for improvement.
It is amazing what a little motivation can do.
That motivation has already led to the best results in the industry and they are only getting better.
We couldn't be happier that our billing model ensures ours and our customers' goals are always aligned.