Pay $0 if you don't get reviews.

A review request is worthless unless it results in a review. That's why we only charge for the review requests that get you a review.

Review Generation


/review generated
15 day free trial
Send unlimited review requests
Includes branded email templates
Optional QuickBooks Online Integration
Access to analytics dashboard
Reviews generated in the first 15 days are free
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged anything today?
No, when you sign up you get a 15 day free trial. And better yet, when the trial is over you are still only charged when a review request results in a review.
How much will I pay if I don't get any reviews?
If you don't get any reviews you pay nothing. Even when the free trial is over your bill for Review Generation will be $0 for any month you don't get a review.
Is a credit card required for the free trial?
You are required to enter a credit card in order to access the free trial so billing can commence as usual when the trial is complete.
Do I pay $7.25 for every Google review I get?
No, you are only charged for Google reviews from customers that have seen a review request from the app.
Any questions?
We would be happy to answer them.
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