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Our Review Generation service features performance-based pricing, meaning you only pay for results.
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Review Generation


/per review
Get more Google reviews
Unlimited review requests
Unlimited pre-screening surveys
Unlimited follow up requests
Only pay for results
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Reputation Monitoring

+ $4.99

Optional add on to Review Generation.
Unlimited customer feedback surveys
Around the clock Google review monitoring
Alerts about any negative customer sentiment

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I pay if I don't get any reviews?
If you are only subscribed to the Review Generation service and you don't get any reviews you pay nothing.
If I get a Google review from other methods is there still a charge?
No, you are only charged for Google reviews from customers that have seen a review request from the app.
Am I charged every time a customer survey is filled out?
No, customer surveys are free. You are only charged when the app generates a Google review.
Can I use Review Monitoring and not Review Generation?
Review Monitoring can only be used as an add on to the Review Generation service.
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