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"The results are impressive. 8 Reviews in less than 2 weeks. I highly recommend."
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"Truly a simple and effective way to collect reviews - worked for us on day 1."
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"This app has already generated me at least 3 positive Google reviews! Once you set it, you can forget it"

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Only Pay for Results

Our unique results-based billing means customers are only charged if they get additional reviews.
How is results-based billing better?
  • It's risk free; No additional reviews means no bill
  • You know we are focused on getting you every review possible
  • Seasonal businesses pay less when they are doing less business
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Innovative Features

Smart Send Times is one of the innovations getting more reviews for our customers.

We Don't

Send the review requests to customers immediately after you trigger it.

We Do

Delay requests and send them at times when people are most likely to post a review.
Here's what one customer thinks about it:
"Had some issues getting clients to leave reviews, they have it working well so they do get requests when it's better timing for clients & got 20 reviews last month. Very happy with this service."
- Paul
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