Online Review Management Software for Small Business

More positive reviews

Satisfied customers are automatically asked for a Google review every time you finish a job, so your business never misses out on an opportunity to generate reviews.

Avoid negative reviews

Get alerts about unsatisfied customers in private, so you can be one step ahead of situations that could damage your business online reputation.

Zero effort required

Getting more customer ratings is as easy as installing the app, then using QuickBooks the same way you always have. From that point on Simple RM will do the rest automatically.

How Simple RM works

  • When an invoice in QuickBooks Online is paid in full the app automatically sends the customer an email or text with a short survey.

  • The survey is a pre-screening step in the review request process to determine if the client is satisfied or not.

  • Online reviews are not mentioned until the app knows is it dealing with a satisfied customer.

  • If a customer responds to the survey saying they were unsatisfied you will receive an email alert.

  • This allows you to address the situation before it results in negative feedback.

  • After all, the best way to avoid negative feedback online is to provide great service.

  • Once the app knows it is interacting with a satisfied customer it asks them for an online review.

  • The app makes this flow as easy as possible so the highest possible number of customers complete the process.

  • The app asks customers to leave a review on the Google My Business platform.

  • Your company must be listed on this platform for the app to work.

Our offer to small businesses

Review request functionality, such as what Simple RM offers, is usually just one piece of a larger customer resource management (CRM) application. These types of CRM software are expensive and labour intensive to operate. For this reason, online reputation management used to be something only companies with large budgets could afford.

With Simple Review Management everything has changed. The effortless operation and fair price of Simple RM means growing businesses can also benefit from review management and enjoy the impact it has on their bottom line.

Robot with star on platter.

Simple, flexible pricing

Pick your services and only pay for what you need. Read more about why our pricing sets us apart.

Generate Reviews

$7.25 /review generated

  • Our base plan, get more five star customer reviews

  • Send unlimited review requests

  • Only pay when authentic Google reviews are generated

  • Take complete control or go hands off and fully automated

  • Reviews generated during the first 15 days are free

$4.99 /month

Monitor Your Reputation

  • Add monitoring on top of Review Generation to further improve your reputation

  • Send unlimited customer feedback surveys

  • Monitor your businesses Google reviews around the clock

  • Get alerts about any negative customer sentiment

  • Try it free for 15 days

Take control today.

Your online reputation is too important to risk.


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